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Superior Fit Body LLC is a private fitness gym in Kansas City offering personal training and bootcamp fitness classes.

What makes us unique from other gyms?

WE CARE about our members and clients.

In our bootcamp classes we make sure you perform the exercises correctly and safely. Its your workout not ours.


Personal training focuses on YOU and YOUR goals. We do not use the cookie cutter workouts that most gyms use.  Everybody is different, so everybody should have a different workout.  We always focus on posture first then detail from there. Remember your body is a chain, if one link of the chain is broken you don't have a secure foundation.




What We Do

We specialize in:

*High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Bootcamps (group exercise).*

*Personal Training*

*Corrective Exercise*

*Senior Fitness*

*Muscle Imbalances*


*Weight Loss*


When working with clients in the beginning stages, it's important to access their current fitness level and help them to improve their posture first.  It's not what you do, but how you do it that will deliver your results.

Meet the Trainers



What I like about Superior Fit Body is that no two workouts are the same which helps prevent exercise burn-out and boredom.  Also, Ray places a high priority on demonstrating each exercise for proper form to prevent injury and maximize effectiveness. 


Great place with a friendly environment.  Ray O'Kelly is the best.  He keeps it fresh and is extremely knowledgable. 


Ray is my personal trainer and I'm seeing results already.  I like Superior Fit Body because it is more private than other gyms and I'm treated like a VIP every time.   


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Superior Fit Body LLC

114 W Gregory Blvd. Kansas City, Missouri 64114

Tel: 816-550-2932

Email: ray@superiorfitbody.com

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